Finance use cases

Enigio's trace:original is designed to handle all kinds of financial documents, including the more complex ones, like negotiable instruments, trade finance and credit documents.

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Deep dives

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Digital bills of exchange

Thanks to trace:original and the UN model law for electronic transferable records (MLETR) it has become possible to create digital bills of exchange. The list of benefits is long but to keep it short it is faster, safer, more cost-efficient and sustainable than using paper.

Digital promissory notes

The promissory note is an excellent record of debt – one simple document that is recognised globally and convenient for all parties. However, they tend to be underused and the main reason is that they are predominately paper-based.

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Digital bank guarantees

With trace:original, it is possible to fully digitise bank guarantees. trace:original is replicating today’s paper workflow through an end-to-end digitalisation process that is acceptable to all parties while keeping their current systems.