time:beat use cases

time:beat use cases

Enigio’s time:beat provides a way to protect the traceability of digital content, including archives and databases, among others. Due to the foolproof design, time:beat is an effective solution to prove the provenance for anyone dealing with digital data at a specific date or time and that data has not been tampered since. Listed below are some examples of situations in which the solution can apply.

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Law enforcement

By embracing time:beat, law enforcement can accurately log evidence of any type of digital data and timestamp it to prevent anyone from tampering with it. This would help to strengthen the trustworthiness of digital data presented in a court of law.

Insurance agencies

Insurance agencies would save a lot of time and resources whenever it comes to verifying when and where data was created and that it has not been tampered since. By tapping time:beat institutional players can link data to a specific time and later prove that it was created at that exact location.

Finance and payment sector

Apart from proving that they made a particular transaction at a given time, financial institutions and payment providers stand to benefit from time:beat’s scalable nature, which makes it easy to timestamp hundreds of transactions per second.


Scientists can use time:beat to document notes when dealing with specific issues that are time-sensitive. Researchers, on the other hand, can use the solution to prove when a specific data set was created/collected.

News and public information

time:beat can prove vital in providing time-based evidence on news events and public information. The solution can also prove when, where, and in what order, something happened.

Service industry

By leveraging time:beat in the service industry, service providers can effortlessly pinpoint when a specific service was rendered. They can also easily tell the order in which customers place service requests to ensure transparency and fairness.

Patent and copyright

With malicious actors increasingly coming up with ingenious methods to steal or forge data, artists and inventors can use time:beat to document their creative process. In the event of a dispute, they can easily prove prior art of specific creations by using timestamped data.