How do you secure digital information and write history when everything can be manipulated?



Manipulation of digital data without leaving any trace has become extremely easy due to the thousands of tools, for example, Photoshop and so on.

To solve the problem, Enigio offers time:beat, a cost-effective qualified timestamp service aligning with the standards of the new EU bylaw eIDAS.

time:beat acts as a digital notary service. It provides a way to protect the integrity and traceability of all types of digital content such as archives, databases, text documents, images, audio files, movies, websites, etc.

Hence, Enigio’s time:beat is a solution for anyone whoever needs to prove ownership of a digital data at a certain time and/or present evidence that it has not been changed since it was timestamped.

Fool-proof timestamps

time:beat is based on linked timestamping and blockchain technology to provide clients secure timestamps that are fool-proof. The API is easy to use giving aggregation of data anchoring in multiple digital channels like Bitcoin, Ethereum, Twitter, and more.

The edge with time:beat over traditional PKI-based timestamps are:

  • It is an independent timestamp service in a sense that the proof can be verified even without using Enigio’s service.
  • It does not expire.
  • Digital content can be indisputably linked to a certain point of time and thus later proven it was created at that specific point of time and that it has not been changed since (negative timestamping).
  • It is possible to timestamp hundreds of documents per second (scalable).

The product is patented in Sweden and the United States which adds strength and originality to the product.

Free for personal use!