Webinar: Realising Practical Solutions in Paperless Trade

Published: October 26, 2023
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Enigio is proud to announce that Gunnar Collin and Ulf Eggefors have been invited to speak at the Australian Centre for International Trade and Investment’s (ACITI) webinar:

Realising Paperless Trade, Electronic Trade Documents in Practice

Gunnar and Ulf will share their practical experience of electronic trade documents and about how paper can be eliminated, making trade faster, safer, cheaper and more sustainable.

The UK Electronic Trade Documents Act, 80% of all global trade is based on UK law, has come into force and allows electronic documents as long as they fulfill all the necessary legal requirements. This means that an electronic document can be used instead of a paper document. Allowing electronic documents is an important building block for automation in trade and finance.

The webinar takes place on 1 November.

Take the opportunity and register at ACITI The Australian Centre for International Trade and Investment (aciti.org.au)


To find out more about the UK Electronic Trade Documents Act and please visit these links: