Enigio’s Co-founder and Head of New Markets, Göran Almgren, will give a speech at The Stockholm Fintech Week about transferable digital assets

Published: February 13, 2023
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Enigio is proud to be part of the Stockholm Fintech Week taking place in Stockholm 13th - 17th February. Enigio’s Head of New Markets, board member and co-founder Göran Almgren will participate together with a great line up of speakers and topics.  
Göran will talk about Freely transferable digital assets, on Thursday 16th of February, at 13:55hrs. 
Some words from Göran: “NFTs is a good idea but it has several shortcomings. When owning an NFT you don’t own a digital asset, you own a token pointing at something, but that something isn’t unique. What if you could actually own the real thing? Imagine owning a unique freely transferable digital asset. Including the possibility to store it wherever you wish, prove that you are in possession of the original, create copies of the original and be able to sell the original to anyone - instantly.This is now all possible with trace:original." 

Enigio`s technical solution trace:original, focusing on digital original documents, is a digital asset that contributes with one of the cornerstones for paperless trade, as well as reduces friction and supports inclusion. It has the capability to replace all physical paper documents currently in use, globally. 

During the event you will have the opportunity to listen to experts speaking on relevant topics like Regulations, BNPL & Embedded Finance, PayTech, RegTech, Combating the Dark Side of Fintech, Ecosystem Banking, Open Banking, Impact Driven Fintech and Web3 trends. 

Take this opportunity to register, gain new insights and listen to Enigio on Thursday.