Enigio’s time:beat fully recreates trust in all types of digital media

Published: October 9, 2020
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Beside trace:original, Enigio offers another innovative product, time:beat, that for example helps authenticate images and videos to ensure they are originals. In line with Enigio’s vision of providing the world with traceability of data, time:beat utilises blockchain technology to protect the integrity of for example digital media.

Why time:beat?

Nowadays, it is hard to recognise the originality of a document, image, video, or movie due to thousands of tools that can manipulate and alter the original.

For instance, in 2018, an estimated 8.8 trillion images were shot all over the world and each year, about 110 million videos are uploaded to YouTube. The question is:

Can we trust the sources or know exactly where and when they were created since the real versions may have been manipulated infinite times?

Yes, we can actually!

We can now trust the source of digital content if it is created using Enigio’s time:beat.

Enigio’s time:beat provides a way to watermark digital content that shows who, where, and when it was created. Additionally, it is possible to check if it has been manipulated since it was created.

Our vision is to simplify the way of proving the truth by integrating time:beat in all technical devices capable of creating images, videos and/or sound recordings. In doing so, when an image, a video or a sound recording is recorded using time:beat, you can trust it is true.

Enigio’s time:stamp

To provide authenticity, time:beat has a time:stamp feature, an inbuilt traceability platform backed by a blockchain using distributed ledger technology (DLT). Using a simple API, users can add a traceability feature into their media files in a fast and easy manner. Businesses can integrate time:beat into their IT infrastructures to help secure files, images, videos, sound recordings and all other forms of digital content.