Enigio’s Patrik Zekkar is speaking at GTR UK

Published: June 19, 2023
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Enigio is a proud sponsor of Global Trade Review’s (GTR) yearly conference GTR UK 2023, which takes place on June 20th in London.

The theme this time is “Trade for Growth” and the programme will reflect on the challenges of global economic headwinds and supply chain volatility, the enormous opportunities provided by the disruptive implications of digitisation and ESG, whilst also hearing first-hand from corporates operating at the coalface of international trade.

Enigio’s CEO Patrik Zekkar will be speaking at the conference together with a great line of panelists sharing their thoughts in the session:

What does the next frontier of digital look like?

Talk of ‘the ecosystem’ has become only the latest example of the long-standing tradition of cliche and jargon within the sector. But to what extent has tangible progress been made in creating an environment that embraces technological advancements in a way that works for banks and corporate clients alike? This session will consider a wide range of themes.

Take this opportunity to register and visit us at our exhibition stand: GTR UK

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