Enigio’s Gunnar Collin is speaking about “Electronic trade documents – leading in an era of change”

Published: June 14, 2022
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Enigio is a proud sponsor of Global Trade Review’s (GTR) yearly conference GTR UK 2022, which takes place on June 16th in London.

The theme this time is “Bringing all corners of the trade ecosystem together” reflecting on the latest trends and priorities for UK trade and exports.

Enigio’s Gunnar Collin will be speaking at the conference and among other things share why MLETR and the technical solution trace:original are such a perfect fit.

The session Electronic trade documents – leading in an era of change aims to consider the potential consequences of breaking down barriers to end-to-end trade digitalisation, from the experiences of those jurisdictions enacting the United Nations Commission on International Trade Law (UNCITRAL) Model Law on Electronic Transferable Records (MLETR) to the significance of the ICC’s Uniform Rules for Digital Trade Transactions (URDTT), which aims to establish a commonly understood and accepted set of principles to address the uncertainty associated with digital trade transactions.


Sean Edwards, Head of Legal, SMBC Europe; Chairman, International Trade & Forfaiting Association (ITFA)


Sarah Green, Law Commissioner for Commercial & Common Law, Law Commission of England & Wales

Gunnar Collin, Head of Sales, Trade Finance, Enigio

Patrick DeVilbiss, Senior Offering Manager, Trade & Supply Chain Solutions, CG

Take the opportunity to register and visit us at our exhibition stand: GTR UK 2022 London | Trade and export finance event (gtreview.com)

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“Electronic trade documents coming to the UK: Enigio looks at the impact of digital legislation on bills of exchange” , article that was recently published in Trade Finance Global.

Use case about digital bills of exchange to show case how you can ripe the benefits of the upcoming changes.