Enigio’s case studies using trace:original are included in the latest ICC UK report from the Centre for Digital Trade and Innovation

Published: November 30, 2023
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The latest ICC UK report from the Centre for Digital Trade and Innovation sets out the tangible benefits of the Electronic Trade Documents Act and the opportunities it offers. There are 16 case studies in the report and includes some of Enigio’s using trace:original:

  • Vistry Group used a trace:original electronic promissory note for a land transaction, completing the transaction in hours rather than weeks, and delivering same-day payment to the vendor by removing physical paperwork. Project partners were Lloyds Bank, Enigio and ITFA DNI Framwork. Case study 15
  • Abercore in cooperation with Mercore and Enigio used a trace:original bill of exchange for a sugar export from Nicaragua to UK: realising a time saving of 3 weeks, accelerating access to capital for SMEs, and saving paper administration and courier costs. Case study 2
  • Matalan Retail Ltd used a trace:original promissory note as the first electronic negotiable instrument issued under the UK Electronic Trade Documents Act in September 2023: a milestone end-to-end digital transaction with significant cost and time savings. Partners were Lloyds Bank and Enigio. Case study 5
  • Lloyds Bank, Enigio, Cargo X and ICC C4DTI demonstrated how an e-bill of lading can be managed between two independent electronic trade document providers, maintaining the singularity and chain of trust in an eBL and paving the way forward for increased adoption and interoperability of eBLs. Case study 7

 Link to the full report Seizing the moment – Unleashing the potential of trade digitalisation