Enigio responds to an ICC questionnaire

Published: August 20, 2020
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In July 2020, the ICC invited Enigio team to comment on several queries concerning EU Trade Policy. We highly appreciate it since the subjects are of great importance to us. Recently, we have responded to the questionnaire explaining Enigio’s view on the EU and how it can help solve urgent issues in international trade.

What is the questionnaire about?

Generally, the topics include SME financing, digitalisation, and how to reduce currently existing barriers in trade. To comment on the topics, we highlighted the importance of supporting EU based SMEs and how different areas of international trade can be benefited through digitalisation.

It is time to raise awareness!

Looking at the current economic climate, we feel it is high time we raise awareness of possible initiatives to bolster both the EU and the global trade markets. In such ways, as we advance, we hope that it is possible to continue supporting trade for many years.

Feel free to download ,Enigio’s answers to the ICC questionnaire.