Contained Technologies partners with Enigio to distribute electronic trade documents

Published: March 26, 2024
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March 25, 2024 - Enigio AB and Contained Technologies UK Ltd, are pleased to announce their partnership offering Enigio’s trace:original - an integrated solution for digitising original documents - into Blue ring. 

“Contained Technologies is delighted to be invited to partner with Enigio for the creation and distribution of electronic trade documents. Electronic Trade Documents (ETD) are essential to trade in the digital era, reducing carbon footprint, increasing efficiency and critically distributing data sets accurately. We’re excited to have Enigio as a critical element of our service network given their innovation and thought leadership in this space”, says Alex Szymborski, CEO at Contained Technologies UK Ltd.  

“We are proud to team up with such a pioneering partner as Contained Technologies, who are transforming fresh food logistics. Thanks to the ETDA, 80% of all trade transactions can benefit from replacing paper documents with electronic documents, which is now possible to access using Enigio’s trace:original technology in  Blue ring’s solution.
Both parties contribute to the sustainability goals by offering a fully digital solution for export and import” says Ulf Eggefors, Director Transport & Logistics at Enigio.

Enigio is a global technology provider of trace:original - a standardised solution for digital original documents that enable paperless trade. Our solution ensures consistency, integrity, traceability, and possession of digital information, making data available only to those who should have access to it while protecting it from manipulation. This means you can maintain a completely digital process for original documents with all the security, efficiency and convenience of digital documents. Enigio has offices in Sweden, UK and the Middle East. We work with some of the largest global software and platform providers for Trade Finance and Transport & Logistics.  

Contained Technologies (company registration number 10978406) is a UK based scale up providing efficiency for all actors in the trading supply chain through the integration of data with best-in-class services providing a trust framework for the safe and accurate use of information.
Contained Technologies was recently nominated for the Best Agri Software System/Technologies Solutions Provider of the Year award by ICC UK.   


Press contacts:  

Katarina Cenner, Head of Marketing & Communications, Enigio. 

Alex Szymborski, CEO, Contained Technologies