Patrik Zekkar and the journey to a digital trade finance

Enigio’s CEO Patrik Zekkar was interviewed by Trade Finance Global (TFG) Editor Deepesh Patel. In the conversation, Patrik talks about his journey to Enigio and his views on digitalisation in trade and supply chain finance. Patrik’s appointment is a key step for Enigio to become the leading technology provider of the global standard for freely […]

Enigio joins Coriolis working group and industry effort to drive ESG standards

Trade data and analytics provider, Coriolis Technologies, has set up a working group with participants from reputable banks, organisations and corporations to drive the work and adoption of standardised ESG scoring criteria for tools and methodologies for the trade and trade finance industry. The news was published by Global Trade Review (GTR) earlier today. The […]

Enigio welcomes new ITFA DNI Initiative members

In 2019, the ITFA (International Trade & Forfaiting Association) Fintech Committee launched the DNI Initiative, the most specialised community of technology firms, financial institutions and corporates dedicated to digitise negotiable trade instruments following the UNCITRAL’s MLETR. In this journey, over the last two years, Enigio has been proudly engaged and among other things developed the […]

The growing adoption of MLETR highlights the need for trace:original

In a global economy that depends on cross-border transactions, digitalisation has become a necessity, especially looking at the consequence of the COVID-19 pandemic. But, as it turns out, the biggest obstacle seen in the move towards trade digitalisation is creating legally effective digital original documents. However, it is now possible to solve the challenge with […]