Documaster provides digital student grades using Enigio’s trace:original

Stockholm, Sweden, December 7, 2022 – Enigio AB today announced that it has signed an agreement with Documaster AB, to jointly deliver a complete solution for digital student grades and diplomas. The current process of creating student grades is a tedious and expensive process for teachers, principals, and school organisers (i.e., municipalities). A regular school […]

Lloyds Bank completed UK’s first digital promissory note purchase using Enigio’s trace:original for digital original documents

Lloyds Bank announced that they reached a key milestone in digitising trade by completing the UK’s first digital promissory note purchase . The transaction was completed using Enigio’s trace:original technology and in accordance with ITFA’s (the International Trade and Forfaiting Association) dDOC specification and Digital Standards Initiative (DNI) Enigio is very pleased to be part of […]

YourCom taps Enigio’s trace:original and Signicat’s digital identity platform to digitalise promissory notes

Stockholm, May 23rd  2022 – We are delighted to announce that yourCom, a provider of corporate lending, has embraced Enigio’s trace:original in combination with Signicat’s solution for digital identity and electronic signing to launch a fully digital lending process. By integrating trace:original, yourCom will be able to offer its clients the creation and management of […]

Enigio receives patent in USA and Singapore for trace:original technology

Enigio is proud to announce that it has been awarded new patents for the digital original document invention behind Enigio’s trace:original solution. The patents were issued by the United States Patent and Trademark Office on January 25, 2022 and by the Republic of Singapore on July 26, 2021.   Enigio’s digital original document invention behind the […]

Add qualified electronic seal to your trace:original PDF documents

In the course of 2021, Enigio introduced a feature that allows users to e-seal trace:original document versions with a Qualified Electronic seal as defined in Section 5 of the eIDAS EU regulation.  The e-seal adds provenance for the last version of the original document as it proves that it must have been created by the […]

trace:original walkthrough videos

Enigio has published a walkthrough gallery of trace:original to demonstrate the creation and management of digital original documents using the solution. The gallery also includes some explanatory videos of signing, transferring, receiving, and validating trace:original documents that make it easy to understand how seamlessly the documents can be created and integrated into our customers’ own […]

China Systems taps Enigio’s trace:original to digitise guarantees

In this ICC UAE Digital Dialogue together with ICC China, Vincent O’Brien challenges China Systems’ Joel Schrevens by giving him the task to prove how a paper-based guarantee process can transform into an end-to-end digital guarantee process, using its existing Trade and Supply Chain Finance platform integrated with Enigio’s solution trace:original. China Systems applied several […]

Create digital original documents in PDF format with trace:original

  In 2021 trace:original underwent improvements that made it possible to create digital original documents in a normal PDF format. This feature makes it possible to seamlessly  integrate the trace:original PDF document into your workflows, processes, and implemented electronic signature procedures. The PDF functionality makes trace:original  documents even more useful. With this development, integrating trace:original […]