Enigio’s Gunnar Collin is a speaker at the upcoming Alternative and Receivables Finance Forum

Enigio is a proud sponsor of the Alternative and Receivables Finance Forum that takes place in London 23-24 November and is organized by BCR Publishing, the world’s leading provider of receivables finance market intelligence.     With Enigio’s solution trace:original, it is  possible to digitally create, manage and change ownership of negotiable instruments and documents of title, such as bills […]

Join Enigio and Patrik Zekkar for the GTR Nordics 2022

Enigio is a proud sponsor of Global Trade Review’s (GTR) yearly conference GTR Nordics 2022, which takes place on November 16th in Stockholm. The theme is “Navigating turbulent times for Nordic trade”. Bringing together a host of financing experts and innovators to plot a path for Nordic industry and commerce and pinpoint emerging business opportunities as […]

Reflections and videos from the International Trade and Prosperity Week

As proud sponsor of the ITPW, Enigio would like to give thanks to ICC UK for a very well performed and successful digital conference last week. Great content and attendance!    Some key take aways and reflections from Enigio’s CEO Patrik Zekkar:  Legislation (MLETR) is moving forward, it is no longer  about “if” but rather “when” […]

GAMBICA webinar: How you can take advantage of UK moves to digitise export documentation

GAMBICA is the Trade Association for Instrumentation, Control, Automation and Laboratory Technology in the UK. Their purpose is to give insight and influence to help members to be more competitive by increasing their knowledge and impact and their mission is to develop and deliver increasing value to members through trade association best practice.   The best […]

Join Enigio for the ICC International Trade and Prosperity Week

Enigio is proud to sponsor ICC International Trade and Prosperity Week that takes place 17-20 October.   Take the opportunity to participate at this virtual key industry and ICC flagship event Building resilience in global value chains that aims to explore the latest global economic trends as well as the roadmap for digital trade in 2023 […]

Webinar: BIMCO Standards and DNI Initiative presented by Grant Hunter, BIMCO, Andre Casterman and Ulf Eggefors, Enigio

Take the opportunity to join the webinar about the BIMCO standards for bulk shipping presented by  Grant Hunter, Director of Standards, Innovation and Research, BIMCO and the latest progress on DNI Initiative with focus on transport and logistics presented by Enigio’s head of transport and logistics Ulf Eggefors and advisor Andre Casterman. The webinar takes place […]

Patrik Zekkar is speaking at the Annual ITFA Conference

Enigio is proud to sponsor the Annual International Trade and Forfaiting Conference taking place on September 7-9 in Porto. The Annual ITFA Conference is a key industry event with a clear ambition to drive collaborative developments. Enigio´s solution trace:original, focusing on digital original documents, contributes with one of the cornerstones for paperless trade as well as reduces friction and […]

Enigio’s Gunnar Collin is speaking at GTR Asia 2022

Enigio is a proud sponsor of Global Trade Review’s (GTR) conference GTR Asia, which takes place on September 6th-7th in Singapore.  It provides the opportunity to hear the world’s leading trade, treasury and fintech experts reflect on the latest developments and rapidly changing dynamics in the context of both the Asian and wider global markets.  […]

Digitization of Trade & Supply Chain is a topic at the Paris EUROPLACE International Financial Forum

The 2022 edition of the Paris EUROPLACE International Financial Forum (IFF Paris) is taking place on July 12 at 09:00 until 19:30 and is focusing on “Key Challenges Towards a Sustainable European Autonomy”, The Role of the Finance Center. The programme contains many interesting sessions and we would like to highlight the workshop: Digitization of […]