Enigio joined ADGM Digital Lab

Following the UNCITRAL’s MLETR, when Abu Dhabi Global Market (ADGM) confirmed the legal enforceability of electronic negotiable instruments in its Electronic Transactions Regulations 2021, interest around digitising trade documents such as promissory notes, bills of exchange has significantly grown. Noting the increased willingness among financial institutions to integrate law-compliant solutions in order to fully digitise negotiable instruments, ADGM has established […]

ITFA and Enigio have released the ITFA dDOC Manager demo application

An opportunity for financial institutions and corporates to understand trace:original, a unique document technology to create and manage digital negotiable instruments and documents of title in accordance with the MLETR.   Noting an increased use of digital alternatives to paper-based forms of communication and authentication processes in international trade, the United Nation’s Commission on International […]

Enigio’s New Logo: A Fresh Look at Establishing Trust in a Digital World

Enigio is announcing the launch of its new logo. As Enigio’s reputation expands, its brand continues to evolve and a new wave of innovative solutions requires a new look with a story to tell. Over the years, Enigio has been a steadfast provider of solutions that help multiple companies’ incorporate innovative solutions for traceability and […]