Do you know that a trace:original document can have attached supporting documents?

Published: April 18, 2023
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Enigio’s trace:original has amazing attaching features that fully adapt to your documents’ needs; you can create or add content by attaching several types of documents like: PDFs, images, structured data files, zip archives or even other trace:original documents.  

An attachment, like any other content added to a trace:original document, becomes an integral part of the original document and cannot be removed or changed without the modification being detected when validating the document. This provides complete control and safety over the documents, plus having the possibility of viewing and saving the attachments individually from one another when opening the trace:original document.


Examples of when to use it 

This feature becomes useful in many situations. For instance, in trade, an exporter can produce documents like certificates of origin, packing lists, invoices etc and attach them to the electronic bill of lading received from the carrier or the freight forwarder. This way the trade process will be much more time and cost efficient, secure and sustainable.  

When issuing a bank guarantee, the bank, can attach a copy of a power of attorney or an extract from the company register, as another example. 

Any extra terms or supporting documents can also be tied to the document and electronically signed or stamped, in the same process as the main original is signed. This makes any subsequent legal dispute less likely and the possibility to replace, fake or manipulate supporting documents more difficult, since the system can fully track which supporting documents were tied to a certain version of the original.