The UK Electronic Trade Documents Act is here. Are you ready to go paperless and digitise your trade document process?

Now is the time to go digital and enjoy the benefits of the Electronic Trade Documents Act When developing our digital document solution, trace:original, in close cooperation with clients, we have found and overcome many challenges. By sharing our learnings, we aim to help you avoid pitfalls and take advantage of the benefits of the […]

Lloyds Banking Group invests €3 million in Enigio to accelerate use of digital documentation in trade

Lloyds Banking Group has invested €3 million in technology company Enigio to expand its use of digital documentation in trade. The €3 million investment will allow Enigio to expand its bespoke solution, trace:original, which removes the need to physically transfer paper documentation within trade transactions. Lloyds Banking Group led Enigio’s latest funding round, with existing […]

Webinar series: What next for the trade documents bill and what is a reliable system?

In light of the recent transformation of the Electronic Trade Documents Bill into the Electronic Trade Documents Act, a shift is underway in the world of trade finance documents. In less than one week, paperless trade documents will be accepted under English Common Law. We are  pleased to highlight  that Enigio’s CEO Patrik Zekkar is […]

What next for the Trade Documents Bill?

We are delighted to sponsor Trade Finance Global’s (TFG) latest webinar, ‘What next for the Trade Documents Bill’, in collaboration with UK Export Finance and the Department for Business & Trade. The webinar will be hosted on 13th September 2023, one week before the Electronic Trade Documents Act (ETDA) comes into force. The ETDA, enacted […]

Enigio enables digitalisation of UK mortgages

Mortgage Solutions today published this article by: Stephen Sandiford, market consultant, Enigio The UK mortgage and house buying process, long seen as slow and heavily paper-based, is now ripe for full digitalisation by both removing paper and automating processes. Swedish tech firm Enigio, using its solution trace:original, already working with Lloyds Banking Group to digitalise trade […]

Allen & Overy welcomes Enigio into its digital assets and Legal Tech Fuse cohort to encourage industry collaboration on digitalisation of trade finance

London – Fuse, Allen & Overy’s tech innovation hub has welcomed Enigio into its current cohort.  Allen & Overy and Enigio expect the Electronic Trade Documents Act to be a further catalyst to digitalisation of trade finance given the importance of English law in global trade and trade finance. The new law means that, under […]

TFG Distribution Finance goes live, executes first trade transaction

London, 25 July, 2023 – In a significant move to bridge the trade finance gap, Trade Finance Global (TFG) has launched TFG Distribution Finance. The initiative aims to drive liquidity into the trade finance market, from institutional capital, banks, and credit funds, facilitated by TFG and its partners. As a leader in data-led origination, TFG’s […]

Enigio’s Alex Waites is speaking at DNI Initiative workshop.

ITFA is hosting its second DNI Initiative in-person workshop on 12th July in London. During this full-day event banks, trade solution providers, working capital platforms and web3 technologists will share their recent progress on policy and product developments related to MLETR, and how to grow SCF origination. Enigio’s Alex Waites is among a great line-up […]

Webinar: What does the UK Electronic Trade Documents Act mean to your business?

Did you miss the webinar? Do not worry! There is a second chance. The recording is now available. In this webinar speakers from Lloyds Bank, UK Export Finance and Enigio  discussed topics impacting your market, how you can take advantage and benefit.  Due to the law change learn about what has or is going to change in the […]

Enigio Awarded as 2023 Technology Pioneer by World Economic Forum

  The World Economic Forum announces selection of the 100 most promising Technology Pioneers, companies that are tackling such issues as sustainability, climate change and healthcare. Enigio, which offers a safe, fast, cost-efficient, and sustainable solution for freely transferable electronic original documents that can replace billions of paper documents used today in global trade, is […]