First digital end-to-end trade transaction completed using trace:original, with multiple parties and document types including eBL

Stockholm, Sweden, May 31, 2023 – Enigio AB today announced that the first digital end-to-end trade document transaction was completed using its solution for digital original documents – trace:original. The goods shipped were paper products from Antwerp, Belgium to Delhi, India. The transaction included multiple parties and types of documents that all worked seamlessly together. […]

GTR Industry Perspectives: Demystifying trade digitisation to drive legal reform

This article is published by GTR, author Eleonor Wragg The imminent passage of the Electronic Trade Documents Bill in the UK is not only a transformative milestone for global trade, but also a triumph of cross-industry collaboration. Stakeholders across the trade ecosystem have been unanimous in their support of this enabling piece of legislation. In […]

Webinar summary and recording: Prepare for the electronic trade documents bill

 The electronic trade documents bill is coming soon. What does it mean for digital trade finance and how can you use technology to accelerate digitalization now? If you missed last week’s webinar: Prepare for the electronic trade documents bill where Lloyds Banking Group, Enigio and Finastra discussed the digitalisation of global trade finance and how […]

Do you know that a trace:original document can have attached supporting documents?

Enigio’s trace:original has amazing attaching features that fully adapt to your documents’ needs; you can create or add content by attaching several types of documents like: PDFs, images, structured data files, zip archives or even other trace:original documents.   An attachment, like any other content added to a trace:original document, becomes an integral part of […]

Webinar: Prepare for the electronic trade documents bill

FINASTRA AND ENIGIO WEBINAR: The electronic trade documents bill is coming soon. What does it mean for digital trade finance and how can you use technology to accelerate digitalization now? Take the opportunity to join our webinar with speakers from Lloyds Bank, Finastra and Enigio, and learn how new legislation will accelerate digital trade and […]

Lloyds Bank and Enigio launch new trade digitisation partnership

PRESS RELEASE Long-term partnership will expand the use of Enigio’s blockchain-powered trace:original technology in digital trade documentation and trade finance products. Partnership follows Lloyds Bank and Enigio’s involvement in the UK’s first digital promissory note and a digital bill of exchange transactions. Lloyds Bank and Enigio have launched a new long-term partnership to support greater […]

TradeRiver onboards Enigio’s trace:original solution, to strengthen and enhance its supply chain platform with digitisation of trade documents

London, UK March 28, 2023 – Enigio AB and TradeRiver today announced that they have successfully signed an agreement, whereby Enigio’s trace:original will be fully integrated into the TradeRiver supply chain platform, allowing SME’s to trade easier and faster with fully digital Promissory Note. The combination with TradeRiver’s in depth competence in supply chain management […]

Join Lloyds Bank, JP Morgan, Mercore and Enigio for the ICC C4DTI Digital Trade Conference and Awards

Enigio is proud to sponsor the ICC Centre for Digital Trade and Innovation – Digital Trade Conference & Awards. #C4DTIConf #C4DTIAwards that takes place 3-5 April 2023. Take the opportunity to take part in this key industry event that shines a spotlight on the implementation of digital trade with a focus on interoperability and practical pilots.  Enigio’s CEO […]

Let’s ship goods, not documents!

Enigio salutes the commitment from nine major ocean carriers within DCSA to convert 100% of original bills of lading to electronic bills of lading by 2030 and by 50% within 5 years.  The commitment will have a huge industry impact as the nine carriers ship 72% of all the containerised goods in the world transported […]