MLETR readiness checklist

MLETR adoption is gaining speed.
Are you ready to go paperless?

What to consider

Digitalising your export process and financing doesn't have to be complicated, nor costly.

When developing trace:original in close cooperation with clients, we have found and overcome many challenges. By sharing our learnings we aim to help you avoid pitfalls and take advantage of the benefits of the act. Here are some questions to support your successful digitalisation.

It is not always possible to foresee all stakeholders that may come into possession of documents or need to verify the documents. Make sure that the solution you choose also works for your customers and everyone else that might be involved in a document transaction, without requiring onboarding or additional infrastructure.

With trace:original, we solved this by making it possible for anyone to receive, validate, manage, and transfer trace:original documents at a free public web service,  The service requires no onboarding and is accessible with any computer with an internet connection.

Other questions?

Do you have other questions or considerations about implementing MLETR compliant electronic trade documents?

Feel free to submit them to us and we will respond, regardless of whether your question is general or specific to your use case.

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