Get started

Get started with trace:original

Anyone can implement and start using trace:original for issuing any type of digital original documents. It is only the one creating a digital original document that needs to be a customer of Enigio.

Once a document has been created it is free to use and manage for anyone in the same way as a paper document.

Three easy ways to start with digital original documents, start with a standalone pilot or choose your own level of integration.

Difficult to choose?

Book a meeting with an Enigio representative to go through your needs.


Do a pilot

Create fully functional digital original documents in a matter of days, validate your business case and get your learnings

No prior requirements and easy transition to production environment

  • Dedicated AWS account hosted by Enigio, with your own URL
  • Enigio standalone user interface

Fixed price: EUR 10,000, 3 months, 100 documents and signatures included



Leverage Pilot set-up, with easy transition, unlimited use, process enhancements with integration support and increased business case realisation

  • Enigio hosted (SaaS).
  • Partially integrated API calls to own application
  • Enigio standalone user interface, optionally with your branding

€ 1700/month
+document fee

On prem
€ 1250/month
+document fee


Full integration

Easy transition from previous stage (if applicable) with full integration support for workflow efficiency and customer self-service value proposition in own GUI

  • Enigio (SaaS) hosted/on-prem ,
  • Fully integrated API calls with own application
  • Integrated with your own user interface

€ 1700/month
+document fee

On prem
€ 1250/month
+document fee

If you are already working with a system integration partner, you can also integrate trace:original through them. Available features and pricing will be system specific, please contact your system integrator for details. Enigio has already partnered with the following leading system integration providers: