Copy of Certification Use Case (Zertrace)

Digital original certificates:

A new era in the certificates industry

trace:original certificates

Today certificates are usually created either as paper documents or as PDF files. There are obvious drawbacks with a paper document such as: not fraud safe, expensive, slow to manage and store and not environmentally friendly.


Why aren not all certificates PDF documents?

The main reason is that a verifier of a certificate wants to see the original, and with a PDF there is no such thing. Also, with a PDF file there is no possibility to add information without losing the audit trail.

A trace:original certificate combines all the positive aspects of both paper and PDF-certificates. Adding unique functionalities such as the possibility to separate the original from a copy. If you are the holder of the original you can add information onto an issued certificate, and you have the possibility to cancel/invalidate an issued certificate. If you have a copy then it can instantly be verified towards the original. In addition, the certificate is 100% machine readable, includes a complete audit trail and is impossible to manipulate.

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Managing certificates is now really simple

With trace:original certificates, the PDF or paper dilema is all a thing of the past. trace:original maintains all the valuable information in a safe and accesible digital envirorment, while dropping all the disadvantages of paper and PDF certificates.

All the benefits
of traditional certificates

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All the features of digital documents

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trace:original certificates


Who can benefit from trace:original certificates?

Any type of certification can benefit from trace:original, some of our main areas of implementation are:

Transaction Certification


Personal Certification


Organic Certification


Food & Agro Certification


Product Certification

How does it work?

trace:original certificates are really easy and flexible to implement, you can keep your current systems and processes, you will only need a computer and internet connection.



Possibility to add information, cancel or annul

The use of blockchain and ledger technology allows a flexible solution that adds the possibility to add additional information to an already issued certificate, and to cancel or annul a trace:original certificate.

Transferable ownership

Digital certificates allows ownership transferability, enabling transaction certificates managed or even owned by any of the parties in any step of the certificate chain process.

Freely transferable

Once a trace:original certificate has been created it is free to use and manage for anyone, the same way as a paper document, only that is easier, faster and safer.

Data privacy

The data in the certificate only resides in the document, and nowhere else, the data is not stored anywhere else. This means that only the holders of the certificate and holders of copies can access the information.

Machine readable

trace:original certificates contain a machine readable code that allows IoT devices, NFC-chips for products or even to use it as a PDF adobe certified encapusalated code.

Easy and flexible to implement

Only the creator of a trace:original document needs to be a customer of Enigio. Once the certificate is created the document is fully portable and can be received and managed by anyone, anywhere. The document is a normal PDF, but with extra features and it is readable both by human and machine. The only requirement to manage a trace:original document is a computer with internet connection and a modern web browser.

Safe and secure

Traceability - contains full audit trail of events within the document
Data ownership - no business or personal data shared or stored outside of the trace:origina certificate document.
Transparency – process visibility throughout the transaction cycle.
Storage – digitally stored by the owner and digital back-ups possible.


Protection – only the one in possession has the right to add new content, transfer possession or invalidate, no-one can manipulate what has been written.
Authenticity – Document authenticity can be verified by anyone at any time
Evidence – Current or older version of document verifiable via its evidence stored on the block chain (Public Notary)


Using trace:original certificates will contribute to fulfilling the following goals:

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SME growth and prosperity since:

  • It will be easier to  set up and execute a transaction
  • Smaller amounts and shorter tenors are possible
  • They can have access to ECA financing and guarantees
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Innovation and infrastructure:

  • As easy, affordable and interoperable as using paper
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Reduce carbon emissions, fresh water and land use by reducing:

  • Paper documents/production
  • All physical transportation of the documents

Digitalization of certificates

Zertrace use case

With trace:original, Zertrace created the digital original smart certificates, allowing the user to instantly verify a certificate as true and valid. It is  done by uploading and scanning a digital certificate QR code on a computer or smartphone app.

For example,by the time bananas reach consumers, they have been in the hands of producers, exporters, importers, and distributors to end up with retailers and buyers. Every step is subject to certification and a transaction certificate is issued for each step in the process.

With trace:original, Zertrace could enhance both quality, efficiency and user friendliness, achiving the trust that the market deserves.


Deep dive - Zertrace Use Case

Certificates and trace:original – an excelent solution

Accessible and interoperable

Computer and internet only requirement

Digitally interoperable between anyone and any system

Readable by man and machine

Can contain a standard and/or a schema

Enables straight through processing (STP)

Safe and

Tamper proof and fraud safe

No sharing of business or personal data outside of document

Full audit trail

Cost and time

Minimal lead times

90% cost reduction


Reduce carbon emissions

Help SMEs growth
and prosperity

Promote infrastructure development 

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