Digital Original Documents

Enigio’s trace:original is freely transferable digital original documents. It has the same functionality and properties as paper documents but enables faster, safer and significantly more cost-efficient management.


trace:original at a glance

With a trace:original document, you can distinguish an original from a copy, prove possession and  transfer ownership – just like a paper document.

Using DLT, a trace:original document is Immutable, Traceable and Fraud safe. Additionally, ownership of the document can be easily proven.

trace:original is designed to satisfy all conditions of UNCITRAL's MLETR, as well as the dDOC specifications from ITFA's DNI initiative.


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re:creating trust in a digital world

Our world manages enormous amounts of digital data that is in a constant process of creation and change. Digital information is easy to manipulate and it becomes increasingly harder to judge what is true and what really happened. Enigio is a Stockholm-based technology company aiming to become the global technology provider of a standardised solution for digitalised, authoritative original documents.

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